T H E   P R E M I E R E   S O U R C E   F O R   C O M P U T E R   P R O F E S S I O N A L S
*  I  C l a i m    a f f i l i a t i o n    w i t h    n o b o d y ,   t h i s    s i t e    e x i s t s    b e c a u s e    i t    a m u s e s    m e  *

Contact, comments & inquiries may be directed to: 780tech@gmail.com


*    CoCoPI3 (Tandy Color Computer Emulator on Raspberry Pi)

*    SDPAK.COM (Tandy Game cartridge Emulation on Memory cards)

*    RGB LED Arcade Project (Built a custom Arcade Machine on a Raspberry Pi with an LED Marquee)

*    Jose's Electronic Calculator (21st Century adaptation of a project my father built 50 years ago)

*    Raspberry Pi Digital Jukebox (FruitBox)

- Zero Delay Keyboard encoder Bible

*    *** Modifying a Gotek (Floppy Drive Emulator) with ON SCREEN DISPLAY for TRS-80 MODEL 4P ***