Restoration & Upgrades
(Gotek and Custom HxC OSD Firmware)

What is a Gotek (Floppy Drive Emulator) Drive and how do I make it BETTER ?

A Gotek drive is a USB Floppy emulator in simple terms replaces your current internal Amiga 500,600,1200,1000,2000,3000,4000 floppy drive with a unit that has a USB slot and a 3 digit display like below.

The Gotek however is not limited to Amiga, with a little work and some extra firmware it can be vastly improved AND made to work on a vast array of other machines.

Third Party Firmware that can be installed on a Gotek to extend its capabilities

- Cortex
- FlashFloppy
- HxC

Hardware Modifications that can be done on a Gotek to expand its capabilities even more.

- ADD an:
Encoder/Push Button
- ADD   a:
- ADD an:
OLED Display
- ADD an:
OSD Onscreen Display (General)


- ADD an: OSD Onscreen Display (FOR TRS80 MODEL 4P)

*** DIAGRAM FOR OSD Onscreen Display (FOR TRS80 MODEL 4P) ***

THIS PARTICULAR MOD REQUIRES PURCHASING HxC Bootloader from HERE and Installing the 4P Custom firmware found HERE


Comments,Suggestions and/or inquiries may be submitted to: Subject: 4P.